My Hair and Face Think It’s Summer

Let’s pretend!

I love fake graphic designing.

OK, so it’s February 23 and supposedly snowing in Chicago. I don’t know- I don’t look outside really, unless I’m walking somewhere, and today I’ve been on my computer for like, long enough to throw a clot. What I do know: I haven’t sat by a pool in about 6 months.

BUT. If you saw me today? You might think otherwise, because I have two fantastic products that make me look all Pinterest bombshell-ey and dreamy, sun-drenched 1977 Instagram filter-chic. Let’s get to it, because I’m tired from pimping stuff on social media all day.

My two favorite products and me.

Charlotte Ronson came out with a makeup line last summer/fall (I should have just typed August) and there are all kinds of stick format makeup items, but the one I was obviously drawn to was her Perfect Mess hairspray, because I have this deep-rooted trust that all hair products will do exactly what they say they will, and I strive for nothing more than perfectly-tousled hair. TJ is the same way, we lit’rilly have every single Bumble & bumble product ever created under our sinks.

Anyway, Charlotte Ronson’s Sephora-exclusive spray ($20) is absolutely fantastic. I love it more than any other sea spray I’ve tried (though I haven’t tried Asif’s Davines pick yet). This kind is a little less insane than Bb’s Surf Spray, which actually makes my hair crunchy. I spray this stuff in on day two to help make my limp hair look all wistful and piecey and French. (Fun Fact: for some reason my New Year’s Resolution was to “act more French’ [I had a reason I can’t remember] and I’m totally failing.) So yes, it works magic on limp locks, provides you with awesome texture, and contains some kind of magic Light Filler Technology (LFT) which is a shine that actually adjusts based on the light you are in. Even dim, office fluorescents. And did I mention it smells like the most expensive Barneys suntan lotion ever? Beachy and pretty and super vacationey.

Next up, Laura Mercier’s Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer in Natural Radiance. I’ve written about this on other sites because it makes your face glow like crazy, but I had to bring it up again because it’s just plain effective. The chick who made me try it told me it’s what fuels the Kardashian Krew’s stupid, fake publicity stunts (AKA Kim uses it).

Here’s the trick: pile on the self-tanner or bronzer, per usual, add concealer, a hot blush like NARS Sin up your cheekbones and finish the rest of your face as you normally would. Before you leave, squeeze a tiny blob (half a pea) onto the back of your hand and gently press it with your ring finger into your cheekbones on top of your makeup, on your cupids bow, browbones- all the high points on your face. It makes you look like you just came in from the pool or a GQ photo shoot. Because it’s a tinted moisturizer it works with your base instead of diluting it or making it slide off.

Let me know if you try either!

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