March Perk Picks

M is for March. And materialism.

These are the easiest articles to write. Who doesn’t love talking about materialistic stuff always once in a while? Here are the things I selfishly can’t stop thinking about this March- clockwise from upper left.

1. Irish Soda Bread

If you know me, you know nothing is more delicious in my book than good ol’ white flour. And baking soda. So is it any surprise that St. Patrick’s Day and Irish Soda Bread  season are one of my favorite times of year?  There are tons of recipes out there for ISB and they’re ALL easy. I could eat a loaf of this stuff every week, and even think about it in the off-season frequently.

And did you know that a loaf of ISB is the ultimate hangover crusher? It serves as a full-fledged sponge and saved me after an epic bender scenario a few years ago. I haven’t been able to drink Patron on the rocks since, but a nice floury loaf cushioned the blow.

2. Maria’s Jewelry Designs Jewelry

Maria is a Seattle-based jewelry designer who makes super pretty, Earthy, exotic and high-quality jewelry on Etsy and at various shows in the Northwest. I have a necklace and two pairs of earrings of hers I love and wear constantly. However, every piece of hers I have is relatively dainty- I’d love to buy one of her pairs of giant gold earrings and bring the drama. Her druzy and geode necklaces rock my world, too.

3. Nordstrom Tissue-Weight Wool & Cashmere Wrap, $88

I was in a Nordstrom waiting for TJ to buy something, as usual, when I wandered into the scarf section. I was about to just charge an $800 Alexander McQueen kimono and worry about it later, when this adorable sales associate grabbed one of their tissue-weight wraps (not a pashmina, those are so 2001) and showed me six awesome new ways to wear it. She showed me how to make a vest, a poncho, a cool tie, a kimono and I forget what else (I have it all noted-out in my phone). Here, Nordstrom shows a few ways to wear each shape of scarves.

The one I got was an awesome black and white palm tree-printed- they are huge and so soft, but also very lightweight so they can be worn year-round. Ask in Nordstrom for different scarf-tying options (they also do parties!) and you have pretty much 100 new articles of clothing.

4. Failure Is Always an Option Poster, $10 pounds

I know it sounds bad, but this poster kind of makes me feel better when I stress out. I can always fail.

5. AllSaints Itat Shrug, $120

AllSaints Spitalfields is clothing crack, I tell you. And the entire store is comprised of my ideal color palette: black, tan, white and navy. I was browsing and a sales associate was walking around in this thing as a shrug and I followed her until I found it.

What’s so cool is it can be worn as a shrug with a keyhole in the back, or as a sweater with a criss-crossed front. Both ways look awesome and not at all too complicated, like lots of convertible tops are. It’s appropriate for all occasions, over sweats or out to a nice dinner. And AllSaints clothes tend to fit into that whole destroyed-chic aesthetic I love.

6. Kava Root Powder

I’m going to write a full post about this stuff, because I never knew a completely legal, all-natural root powder from Hawaii could send me soaring through the sky with euphoria.

Reader’s Digest version: It’s a powder that has sedative and anesthetic properties that help the user with anxiety, stress, provide mild euphoria and mental clarity. You just stir a few teaspoons into a Jamba Juice or hot chocolate. You should consult your doctor before using. Also, use at your own risk. I’m not saying it won’t harm your liver and kidneys. I’m just telling you that I did yoga, drank kava, ate pancakes and have never felt so fantastic. Read some user-generated content about kava here.

7. Le Creuset 5-Piece Essential Cast Iron Cookware Set, Flame, $351

TJ totally outdid me on Valentine’s Day and bought me a five-piece set of Le Creuset French cookware to replace our shoddy Ikea pots and pans. It’s luxuriously heavy-duty and multi-purpose and as glamorous as cookware gets.

If you’re starting a kitchen or looking for a good first set, this set (which includes a French Oven, saucepan and skillet) are basically all you need.

8. Sara Happ The Gift Set, $40

This is the best little set for those of you looking to try her products. It’s her unbelievable lip scrub in Black Velvet Cherry, which you scrub onto your dry, flaking off lips with a tissue. You then follow up with her insane lip balm, which I embarrassingly wrote an ode to here.

I really don’t have enough good things to say about either product, and they last forever. I could never use another balm again.

9. Charlotte Ronson A Perfect Mess Beach Hair Spray, $20

I wrote about this stuff here, because it’s my new go-to for second hair day. It leaves hair that perfect ,off-duty model, messy but not crunchy look. It smells like sunscreen, too!

10. Lipstick Cookie Cutter

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about lipstick-shaped cookies since I saw this photo on Pinterest. Lipstick and bikini-shaped cookies coming soon to Perk Daily.

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  1. Dena Iadanza
    March 2, 2012 at 11:43 AM (7 years ago)

    I have about 8 LeCreuset pots and pans, Chris gets them for me for my birthday and valentines day and Christmas, etc… I love them! Best cooking item ever! and it doesn’t hurt that they are pretty – we have Kiwi which just was discontinued. Also amazing cookware, All Clad, try it, it’s like crack… for realsies.


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