George Washington-Chic: Powder Your Hair

I don’t think you really get how awesome hair powder is.

You all know George Washington, but did you know how fashion-forward his triangle-shaped ‘do is?

He may have had wooden teeth, but that is some hot hair.

OK, it’s a little white for all of our tastes. I get it. BUT. Hair powder is a modern-day miracle. It is not only good for sucking the nasty grime and grease out of our scalps like we all do so frequently. It also makes your hair bombshell-ey and huge and full of Serena Van Der Woodsen-esque glory. If you’re looking at a photo and are jealous of the hair, #1 it’s probably extensions and if not, it’s #2 hair powder, which makes hair look monsterly awesome.

Hair powder made this happen, I’m willing to wager.

So here’s the consensus.



Hair Miracle

Bumble and bumble’s Hair Powder is the best kind. BUT. It’s $38 and I got one use out of it before it all mysteriously evaporated out of the spray can. Literally disappeared. Didn’t spill, didn’t leak. Disa-effing-peared. The can went from heavy to empty overnight. There was ONE use, and then nothing else came out of the nozzle. It was like the Titanic sinking. Hollow shell of a dream left behind. However, I did e-mail Bb and they fixed it by reimbursing me for my faulty can like champions. I love Bb and forgive them, but cannot recommend that specific varietal at this point in our relationship. If you’re going to disobey and try it, go for the white kind. The colors rub off on pillowcases like Mad Max.


This more appropriately-priced option is actually pretty much as good. And I don’t usually do the whole “cheap chic” thing because why wouldn’t I suggest the better product and tell you to buy more expensive stuff? Expensive is more effective than cheap most of the time and we all know it.

Suave Hair Powder is a legit cheaper and better version. Try it. It’s slightly less grittier, but a similar spray nozzle and general consistency, not to mention it’s deliciously pineapple-scented. Also, I’ve used it multiple times and it’s built mad volume and not evaporated out of the can like a gip. Oh, and it’s $3. Spray it on before you tease your hair at the crown or all over at the roots prior to styling and you’ll feel like you have at least 1.5 times the hair you normally do.

Your massive mane can thank me later.

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