Essie Wicked: Murderously Fabulous Nail Polish

Hand modeling with knife props is surprisingly fun and hilarious.

As usual, I discovered this deathly cool nail polish color while reading a magazine. In the November InStyle, I learned that the Hottest Woman in the World, Megan Fox, considers it one of her top five fave beauty products. The others were like hairspray and crap.

I have a linen closet of 40 pearly-white colors, since my nails are homicidally long (even when they’re cut to the stubs) and white looks decidedly less scary than colors. Red on my long nails looks insane, like an episode of Dynasty or early 1990’s advertisements or something.

Executionally versatile

So lately I’ve been trying blackish massacre-ey colors I normally reserve for toes, like the old O.P.I. standbys Lincoln Park After Dark (purple-black) and Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow (green-black), on my fingies.

But Essie’s Wicked

…is a murderous good time

Wicked is this super buthchery, inky, deep slaughtery red that layers into a dark and fabulous blackish crimson color worth slaying for.

If you can resist a second and third coat, you’ll have just like, open wound bloody red. Two coats is a middle-ground of manslaughter-chic, like peering into a bathtub full of blood. Kind of reminiscent of that epic scene in Dexter. I did about three coats so it was like the elevator opening in The Shining with an avalanche of blood flooding the hotel.

Deadly serious. Fashion suicide.


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  1. Cynthia
    October 29, 2011 at 6:05 PM (7 years ago)

    I LOVE Lincoln Park After Dark and Wicked!


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